Private Panama Surf Island

Warm water, uncrowded waves on a private island.

Type: Hotel Room Region: Central America - Panama City: Cardiff

Number of Bedrooms: 10 Sleeps: 20 Bathrooms: 7 Half Bathrooms: 0

Private Panama Surf Island

Have you ever dreamed of surfing in a tropical paradise with perfect warm water waves to yourself? This is your opportunity. We have a surf camp that opened in June 1998 that will fulfill your ultimate wave fantasies. It is located on a small island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Panama (Gulf of Chiriqui)

There's also diving, fishing, exploring, or just relaxing in a hammock. On the island there is a variety of wild life including monkeys, many types of bird, parrots and deer.

The Morro Negrito Surf Camp is actually two islands, one being the big island and then a smaller island. The big island has the living accommodations. Cabanas are located on the side of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Water is supplied by a fresh water spring on top of the hill that has been piped down for drinking and showering. Solar energy and a generator supply 110-volt electricity. There's a large sandy beach break in one bay area. There are also several left point breaks on this island.
Surfing, Surfing, Surfing

The smaller island is about a 30-minute boat ride. This is the island of the largest waves. When the waves are flat everywhere else, you'll find head high wave here on the average. On the north side of the island there are lefthanders going off and on the south side of the island there are right breaking waves. (Something for everyone) We provide two boat trips per day or one major boat trip per day to the various surf breaks, one early in the morning, the next later in morning or early afternoon.

What do I bring?

The weather is tropical, so all you will need is your trunks, sunglasses, warm water wax and alot of sunscreen. Reef shoes are a good idea for coral and rock breaks.

Citizens of the U.S.A. must have a valid passport. There is no visa requirement, but a tourist card must be purchased for $5.00 at the airport.

All guests will arrive at the International Airport in Panama (PTY) on Saturday. (if you can fly into Panama City on Friday, we will charge you $85 for the extra day) Our driver will meet you at the airport and take you to the bus station for immediate departure to the surf camp. The bus will take you either to the town of Tole' or Guabala', depending on the time of day. The bus trip takes about 5 hours. Another driver will be waiting here to take on the 30 minutes ride to the port. If it is after dark, then you will spend a night in the port at some cabanas that have been built. Early the next morning, our boat will come ashore to pick you up and take you on a 25 minute trip to the island. The island is located in the Gulf of Chiriqui, about 80 miles from the border of Costa Rica. All food, shelter, daily boat trips are included at the surf camp. Beer and soda and are extra.

Your departure from the island will be Friday afternoon for the trip back to Panama City. We will provide your last hotel night in the city and your transport from the hotel to the airport for your Saturday airport departure.

If you wish to have extra days with an airport arrival on Friday and/or a airport departure on Sunday, then you will be charged an additional $85 per day.

No more than 25 surfers will be accommodated on the island at one time. I will be taking reservations on a weekly basis and when the week is filled, the week is filled. We want to keep the place un-crowded with maximum surf for each person.
The Cost

The cost for the package is $640 p/stay per person. A STAY IS AN ARRIVAL IN PANAMA CITY AIRPORT ON SATURDAY AND THEN LEAVING PANAMA CITY AIRPORT ON THE FOLLOWING SATURDAY. ( FRIDAY AIRPORT ARRIVALS OR SUNDAY DEPARTURES ARE OK, BUT THEY ARE $85 EXTRA PER DAY) A $200 per person deposit is required to hold your reservation. Make your deposit check payable to "ADEMON, S.A." . The balance is due two weeks prior to your trip by a bank cashier's check. If you wish to stay additional weeks, the charge will be $600 per week.

If you have a group of 10-15 or more, the organizer will receive one half off for his or her trip. The organizer receives a free trip for 16-20 people in the group. If you have 20 or more people (or pay for 20 spaces), you can rent the whole camp.

We also have surfboard rentals available for $25 per day.

Surf lessons can be provided for beginners with private, semi-private or group rates.

You are responsible for finding airfare to Panama. I personally have had a lot of luck with , but there are other services like them. It pays to shop around.

Be very careful with Continental Airlines. They have many embargos throughout the year and will not transport surfboards during their embargos. Plus some of their own customer service people do not know when the embargos are taking place.

Also, many airlines are charging extremely high board transport fees. I have recently purchased a large inventory of rental surfboards. The people that have rented them have been very happy with their performance. You may wish to consider renting instead.

Request More Information

- Fill out the form inquire about booking a stay. Your information will be sent to the owner, and you will be contacted by the owner.

Surf Description

We are up to 10 breaks at this time within a short distance of the camp. More discoveries are being made all the time. Some break best on high tide, some on low tide. Here's a description of each:

Emily's: In front of camp left point break, often described as playful. When there's a good swell, getting double barreled on the same wave is possible. With a swell, wave is generally, head high to two feet overhead. Tide: Medium tides.

The Point: Left point break about -mile from camp. Generally breaks, 3-4 foot bigger than Emily's, it is also fast and hollow, making it easy to get barreled on. On a big swell, it has been compared to a Pipeline-type wave. Quite often I have heard people say, "That was the best wave of my life!" Tide: Medium tides.

Sand bar break: South of big island, this break is a 400-yard ride on the sand bar which breaks both left and right. This wave is the type that you probably drew on your notebook while you were in high school it just keeps going and going. Not a fast wave, but a long, long playful wave. Tide: Low tide only.

The Wedge: Bouncing wave on the big island and goes left. Best described a Newport Beach Wedge Wave. Swell bounces off a large volcanic rock formation and then connects with the next incoming wave to double up. Tide: Medium tides.

Inside small-island break: Goes right and is an island wrapper. Best on low tide and needs a large swell to surf. Nice barrel here.

There four breaks are on outside island. One is a big wave left reef break, next is a smaller, but very fun left reef break, the other a right break reef pass and the last is an island wrapper going right, and should only be surfed at medium to high tide.

With a good swell, the outside island can produce waves that are double to triple overhead. With an average swell, it will generally have 2-4 ft overhead conditions. When the swell is right, one of the breaks on this island has been described as a "G-Land style wave". We've seen surfers get standup barrels at these breaks with spitting tubes.

We also have a two mile long sandy beach breach that is good for beginner surfers and for warming up.


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