ThunderBomb Surf Camp

Surf empty waves in northern Nicaragua

Type: Villa Region: Central America - Nicaragua City: chinandega

Number of Bedrooms: 4 Sleeps: 10 Bathrooms: 4 Half Bathrooms: 0

Whether you are looking to book a vacation rental, learn to surf, or get barreled out of your mind, ThunderBomb in northern Nicaragua is the place for you! Leave all your worries behind and pick an all inclusive package that fits you!

Learn to surf learn to be happy package!
All our surf instructors have years of experience teaching one on one and large groups. Directly behind our house is the ideal safe spot to learn! We put a lot of time into our instruction and wont be satisfied until your having a blast.

A typical day
For all you hardcore surfers out there we aim to please! Early wake up, transportation to epic local breaks or long distance breaks, then big breakfast, 2nd session at ideal spots, tasty lunch, another session, pool/chill time, and then a great dinner, party with us , the locals or get ready to do it all again tomorrow with a good nights sleep!

Need or want photos or video of your surf trip?
Professional photo and video packages are available. Add a photo/video package to your trip!

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Surf Description

The Boom
They don’t call it “The Boom” for nothing. This world-class beach break is known for producing Thundering A-Frame barrels and is widely considered the best barreling beach break in Central America . Some say it feels like Hossegor or the perfect Outer Banks slab. This wave has several peaks and is always throwing lefts and rights!

Island Point
Only accessible by boat, this left-point can handle any size and works on all tides with rippable walls that go forever!

Meat Grinders/Hemorrhoids
Another world-class reef producing thundering lefts. I’ve heard people in the water yell “It’s teahupoo’ing”. This reef is shallow but can blow your mind while blowing crazy spit out of its barrel!

A right reef break with speedy barrels/walls.

A frame beach break with a tasty slow motion barrel!

Puerto Sandino (Freight Trains)
This Boat access only spot is located in Puerto Sandino, More commonly known as Puerto Somoza just before the revolution. Now a major port for it’s natural gas supply line, this town has always been a large part of Nicaragua’s fishing industry. Recently it has become famous for its surf. A world class river mouth left point that features a barrel section right of the drop and a ¼ mile long wall when it’s big enough. This puppy works from chest high to triple overhead and typically has offshore winds all day for 6 months of the year.

Punta Miramar
This big left reef with barrel sections can handle a lot of size.

A beach/reef break featuring both barreling lefts and rights.

Santa Maria
This peaky beach break is located right in front of the pool and is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers



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