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Big Swell headed towards Central America

Posted: Wednesday Aug 10, 2011     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

Solid SSW in route to Central America

Looking for a quick trip to satisfy your big wave hunger? Well, now looks like a good time as a a strong storm is pumping South-Southwest swells towards South America up through Mainland Mexico. Central America will see this swell arrive Friday and stay strong through the weekend.

If you are looking for the standard 3-5 ft waves that many Central America areas will have on any given summer day, then this is not the time to head on down. The Swellinfo wave model is predicting peak swells in Costa Rica around 6-7ft @ 17 seconds, which is easily Double Overhead and bigger for the spots that can handle it.

This swell will be even bigger in South American and be felt strongly up towards Puerto Escondido, Mexico. The swell peaks for Costa Rica late Friday into Saturday and gradually fade down through the middle of next.

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