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Chaz Loskarn - Patience DVD - interview

Posted: Monday Sep 14, 2009     By: Swellinfo     Category: Interviews

Interview with the producer of the new surfing dvd release - Patience.

I got together with Chaz Loskarn, producer and editor, of the new surfing DVD release, Patience. I wanted to get the inside scoop on what it took to make this unique video and and how it all came about. Enjoy!

- Interview by Micah Sklut

View the Patience Trailer

How long did it take to get all of the footage?
It took 2 years to get all the footage for Patience. Being from the east coast this meant following hurricanes, winter storms, trips and last minute calls.

I like how there is a plot to the movie. Sometimes, for me, the same standard surf vid format can get old. Tell us a little bit about how that idea came about? I was on a bus going cross country in Costa Rica with Rob Kelly and Vince Boulanger. It was a 6 hour trip so I had a lot of time to think and brain storm. I was kicking around ideas and the Patience theme kinda just happened. I had a note book I took with me everywhere and began writing a rough theme. I was hesitant to tell the boys about the idea because it was totally out there and different from other surf movies. A few hours later I mustered the courage and told them. I was waiting for a "you're crazy man" response but instead they were stoked about it and the theme for Patience was born.

Being from Maryland, you were able to get a lot of sick East Coast footage in Patience. I'm sure all of the East Coast surfers out there appreciate seeing surf in their home turf. How hard was it to time your filming schedule around the fickle east coats swells?
Yeah, being from the East Coast I knew it would take alot of work to make Patience. I was lucky being from Maryland because I was between Jersey and Hatteras. I would usually get tons of calls from the boys and wait until the last minute and decide whether to go north or south. I lucked out most of the time. It took a lot of crashing on couches and waiting for the wind to cooperate but it was worth it.

Where was your favorite location to film?
I got to see alot of cool places over the past two years but I would have to say France was my favorite place. Wesley DeSouza, Luke Ditella, photog Rich McMullin and I met up with Australian Jarrah Tutton in Hossegor. We were lucky enough to get there as the swell of the year was hitting. It was right after Mundaka so all the boys were in town also. We ended up scoring perfect France with Kelly, CJ, Wardo, Jeremy Flores and others. It is an amazing country and Hossegor is such a cool town. If you ever get a chance to go check out D Sandbar at night for a good time. You might even get lucky enough to see Wesley DeSouza's world class dance moves.

Your editing is off the charts! What video software do you use? How long have you been editing video?
Thanks, I worked in Final Cut Pro. This is the first movie I have edited. I taught myself how to use FCP over the past couple of years. I am so glad you liked the editing. I wanted to keep the hightec Patience mission theme throughout the movie. I wanted to be different than most movies and stray from how other surf films are edited. I was lucky enough to work with graphics maniac Nick Sears. The kid is amazing and we instantly connected on the project. He made my ideas come to life on screen better than I could have imagined before we started the production. We also worked with sound effects guru Dan Dombrowsky. He is responsible for all the sounds that kept the hightec feel flowing throughout Patience. Dan also did the song "Keep Me Real" for Raven Lundy's section. I was blessed to work with such a great group of guys on Patience. They were amazing and never once got annoyed at my constant tweaking and altering. haha

You got to do a lot of traveling, and meet some insane surfers. What was your most memorable experience from the filming period?
I had alot of memorable moments making Patience. Whether it was almost getting killed in a car accident coming home from Hatteras, the fake bachelor party Myers, Hume, Ditella, Petticrew and the whole Island of Puerto Rico threw for me, hanging out with Jamie O at his house at Pipe, climbing through a window to squat at some strangers house in Costa for a week or staying with Tom Curren at Uncle Mike (21-13 surfboards) in Oceanside. The one that sticks out is talking with Kelly in France the day after he clinched this 9th World Title. It was one of those moments that Ill never forget. I was thinking to myself, "I am walking up the beach in France, just me and Kelly Slater after his 9th title. How did this happen? Two years ago I was showing up at places to hopefully film a random pro." It has been a crazy 2 years!

So, after going through all that hard work, do you think you might want to do another surf film in the future?
We will see how Patience goes first. It was a long process. I am leaving all doors open but I have been watching these new tropical storms. Been getting calls from the boys and starting to plan were the best spot is going to be....

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