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Atlantic Basic 2008 Seasonal Hurricane Forecast

Posted: Thursday Apr 10, 2008     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

Dr. Gray's extended range forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity

Dr. Gray's team at Colorado State University has published their annual April extended range forecast for the Atlantic Basin. Information gathered through March 2008 indicates that the 2008 tropical season will be much more active than the average 1950-200 season. The table below summarizes their estimates.

Named Storms9.615
Named Storm Days49.180
Hurricane Days24.540
Intense Hurricanes2.34
Intense Hurricane Days5.09
Net Tropical Cyclone Activity100%160%
Major Hur. US landfall52%69%

The methodology of the extended-range forecast is based on a statistical technique built on 58 years (1950-2007) of data. Click here to view the complete report.