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South Swelll is on its way to West Coast Beaches

Posted: Friday Mar 13, 2009     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

The south pacific will be sending the first significant swell of the season.

The South Pacific has awakened, and that is good news for West Coast surfers who have endured a long winter of sub par surfing conditions.

The first pulses of south swell are starting to show on SoCal nearshore buoys this afternoon, and it will be going up hill over the next couple of days as this swell peaks out in the chest to head range for the most exposed areas, while stand out breaks will likely be delivered overhead surf.

Below is a live wave map of Southern California, and you can really see that south swell filling in Saturday and into Sunday.

As for conditions, we are looking pretty good, with glassy early morning conditions and only light onshore breezes developing in the afternoon

For all details of the surf height and conditions at your beach, be sure to check your local surf forecast page.