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New Forum Home Page

Posted: Friday Oct 28, 2011     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

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We have made some subtle, but we think, pretty awesome changes to the Forums!

The biggest change you will notice is on the Forum Home Page. Rather then just seeing a list of all forums, the home page itself is an aggregate forum of all discussions going on in every one of the Swellinfo forums. This allows discussion from common topics to reach users outside just the local regional forums.

There are some slight changes in the forum functionality that should be obvious to figure out:
1) The Forum home page is no longer just a portal to all of the forums, so we put a list of all forums to navigate on the bottom of every forum page.
2) When you click to make a post on the Forum Home Page or Surf Forecast pages, you will have to choose which Forum you would like your post to go in.

We have also added two new forums:
1) Surfboard Design Forum
2) Weather and Surf Forecasting Forum
These topics have always been very popular throughout the Forums, so we thought it would be a good idea to give these topics their own forum, so that in the future users with similar questions can easily browse through topics that have already been discussed.

We are excited about these new changes, as it should allow for more discussion across all regions. As always, we want to know what the Swellinfo users like and don't like about our site. So, please, don't hold back!