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Happy Hurricane Season

Posted: Wednesday Jun 1, 2011     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

The 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season starts today!

Today marks the beginning of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane season and increased hopes for East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean surfers of pumping tropical ground swells.

That means pumping tropical ground swells are on their way soon, right? Well, it is possible... but, don't count on it! June 1st marks the climatological period when the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico become capable for development of tropical systems, but June and July typically do not produce an abundance of tropical systems or very intense storms. Since record keeping of tropical storms began in 1851, 81 tropical systems have developed in the month of June and 105 storms in July. Typical, these early season systems will develop in the warm Gulf of Mexico waters. Over the past two decades, we have been in a period of increased tropical activity, and it has been common to see around 2 or 3 storms develop during the months of June and July. Here is an interesting link showing the regional likelihood of tropical storms by month.

As if by clockwork, the National Hurricane Center, has issued a tropical investigation for an area off the East Coast of Florida. This small area of disturbed weather, does not however, show a high probability for increased development.

Keep it tuned to the Hurricane Center to stay on top of the latest in the Tropics.

The Swellinfo staff wishes all you a wave filled, but safe 2011 Hurricane Season!