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Hurricane Ida enters the Gulf

Posted: Monday Nov 9, 2009     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

Who said Hurricane season was over!

The wait is over for Gulf Coast surfers... After a absolutely horrendous summer and early Fall for Gulf coasters, Category 1, Hurricane Ida has entered the Gulf waters and is sending solid tropical surf to the Gulf coasts of Florida, Alabama, and Texas.

Hurricane Ida entered the Gulf waters yesterday evening as a Category 2 storm, and has since lost some steam, with maximum sustained winds of around 80mph. The National Hurricane Center is predicting Ida to make landfall along the Florida panhandle near the morning hours on Tuesday. The exact landfall position is still pretty vague at this point, so all residents along the Alabama and Florida Panhandle need to be on the look out. You can track the progress of Hurricane Ida in the Swellinfo Hurricane Center.

As far as surf goes, Head to Overhead surf will pound the Panhandle accompanied by strong easterly winds. So areas protected from the easterly flow around Panama City should fair best. The Western Florida coastline will see smaller, but very clean SE swells with the offshore flow on Monday and well out of the way of the the landfall. And, on the other side of the Gulf, Texas will get a nice dose of ESE longer period swells.

As Hurricane Ida pushes north inland on Tuesday, she will lose Hurricane strength, but may influence the East Coast surfer during the end of the work week. East Coasters, should keep an eye on this as there is good potential for east coast swell production as well.

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