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Happy Tropical Season 2008

Posted: Saturday May 31, 2008     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

The official start of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season starts tomorrow

The Atlantic Basin Hurricane season as defined by the National Weather Service officially starts on June 1 (tomorrow), and activity has been heating up right on cue.

Yesterday afternoon, the first named Eastern Pacific storm, Tropical Storm Alma, moved on land into the Pacific coast of Honduras. Alma was not a threat for wind damage, but brought with it very heavy rains and caused major flooding to many areas in Central America.

A new low pressure disturbance has formed in between Jamaica and the Yucatan Peninsula from the remnants of Alma. This system will be tracked closely as the latest Satelite imagery shows increased circulation and will be tracked for further redevelopment in the Gulf and Caribbean waters.

Looking further into our crystal ball, it looks like there will be some activity to watch in the tropics in both the Caribbean Sea and as tropical waves move off the coast of Africa during the coming week.

We will keep you updated with any significant developments in the tropics. Plans for the Swellinfo Hurricane forecast and resource center are in the works and we plan to launch this in July.

Swellinfo wishes you a very safe and swell filled 2008 Hurricane Season!