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BIG Ida, looking to clean up for the Northeast

Posted: Saturday Nov 14, 2009     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

Ida is one of the strongest Nor'Easters in decades for the Mid Atlantic.

When Ida made landfall along the Panhandle of the Florida Gulf coast this past Tuesday, she had already lost her Hurricane status. The rain and wind that the Gulf coast received was to prove minor in comparison to the Beast that has now developed from Ida as she fueled what many Mid Atlantic forecasters are calling one of the most destructive Nor'easters seen in decades.

The buoy 20 miles off the Delaware coastline reached a record breaking height of 26.7ft on Thursday evening, beach erosion and coastal flooding are moderate to extreme in areas from New Jersey to Cape Hatteras, and surfing hopes are high for surfers from Maine to Florida.

The biggest surf is being felt along the Mid Atlantic right now, where Victory At Sea conditions are hitting 10-15ft+. Fortunately, the storm is expected to head off to the northeast this weekend, leaving a trail of cleaning up surf with big time potential - especially for the Northeast, where N to NW will be prime for many areas.

We at Swellinfo, want to remind you to know your limits when paddling out in big surf. This storm has already claimed one surfer's life in New York, so be safe and know when to sit out.