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Tsunami Warnings spread throughout Pacific

Posted: Friday Mar 11, 2011     By: Swellinfo     Category: Other

Major Japanese Earthquake propogates warnings around the Pacific.

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake was triggered off the coast of Japan overnight. The earthquake has produced Tsunami waves that have caused major destruction to the island of Japan, and many areas along the Pacific are currently on alert for the propagating Tsunami waves that are dispersing through the Pacific basin.

The National Weather Service has put out Tsunami Warnings for the Hawaiian Islands and the US West Coast. If you are in any of these vulnerable areas, use caution and heed advice from authorities.

Coastal areas in Mexico, Central and South America are also vulnerable to these waves as the Tsunami disperses to the South East Pacific.

Tsunami monitoring stations have recorded open ocean wave heights from the Tsunami around 6ft. This has the potential to inundate low lying coastal areas significantly as the waves are traveling over 500mph with the ability to surge inland.

Everyone in vulnerable area should stay tuned to your local authorities and take any necessary precautions.