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New Buoy Data Stations

Posted: Monday Jun 2, 2008     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Many useful buoy data stations have been added to the Swellinfo Buoy Data maps

The Swellinfo Buoy Data maps have been updated with the latest addition of wave buoys around the United Station from multiple institutions.

Some of the most useful additions to this list are 4 coastal wave data stations in the Carolinas. These stations are located in Duck NC, Masonboro NC, Ocean Crest Pier NC, and Folly Beach Pier SC.

Wave data stations that located close to the coast can be very useful and can contrast greatly with buoy stations that are located 20-30+ miles further offshore. This will be very useful for surfers along the Carolinas, when they receive, say a steep NE swell in Wrightsville Beach or a steep S swell along the Outer Banks.

Outside of the wave data stations, Swellinfo includes coastal buoys that report only wind or water temps, and also many land stations that have wind data long the coast. The Swellinfo buoy maps are a great tool to use when you want to know what the wind and waves are doing at the present moment. The buoy maps make it very easy to get all the data you need on one easy to use map by simply rolling your mouse over the station icons.