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New Spot On Service ✓ Launched!

Posted: Wednesday Nov 14, 2012     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Great new service to provide feedback on forecasts

We are very excited to announce the release of a new surf forecast service, we call Spot On ✓! The Spot On ✓ service allows the Swellinfo users to improve the surf forecast by providing feedback of Today's surf.

You will see 3 new tabs to the left of the TODAY'S Surf Forecast. A Plus (+), Check Mark (✓), and a Minus (-). These tabs enable you, the Swellinfo user, to provide feedback regarding the surf forecast after you have checked or gone for a surf. Just click on the tab, and less us know if the surf was bigger(+), smaller(-), or Spot On ✓ as compared to the Swellinfo forecast!

There are 2 benefits to providing the Spot On ✓ feedback:
1) - The Spot on feedback provides the Swellinfo users with a better understanding of today's surf.
2) - We at Swellinfo will use the the Spot on feedback to improve the surf forecast for your location.

If you have checked the surf today, please let us know if it was Spot On ✓ or not!