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New Surf Forecast Page Layout!

Posted: Saturday Mar 7, 2009     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

A big upgrade comes to the Swellinfo surf forecast pages.

If you are one of the many thousands of loyal, daily Swellinfo users, by now you have likely noticed the upgrade to the surf forecast pages. The new forecast pages offer so much enhancements, you mine as well think of it as Swellinfo version 2.

The most noticeable change is the 7 day forecast timeline at the top of the forecast page. Here is a live, scaled down (to fit this page), example of the chart for Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The Swellinfo timeline gives the surf heights and wind conditions in such an easy to read chart, even a cave man can understand. So, red means choppy, green is clean, and blue is the semi clean in between. What makes this chart even more fantastic, is the ability to roll over the timeline to get the dominant swells and wind data for every hour of the day. We all know that conditions can change quickly, so having this hour by hour breakdown is a big bonus!

To view all of the concurrent swells, you can click on the left swells tab. To investigate each swell individually, you can click on the color boxes on the bottom, and roll over the lines for swell data. Also, you can click the swell or wind table buttons, to view all the data in text format.

The new features mentioned above are just a partial breakdown of the new forecast page enhancements. Below is a full list of the new features:

  • 7 day forecasts (was only 5 days).
  • Swell data can be viewed hour by hour (was every 6 hours). This is viewable in the timeline graph or the wind table chart.
  • Wind data can be viewed hour by hour (was every 6 hours). This is also viewable in the timeline graph or the swell table chart.
  • New Tide Chart graph. While, you may be used to just reading the text tide charts, it is really nice to have the graph lined up with the surf timeline. This gives your eyeballs an easy way to connect the change in surf with the tides. You can mouse over the high and low tide markers for times and tide levels or click the link for the text chart at the bottom.
  • Seven day weather forecasts from the National Weather Service.
  • 4 of the latest community photos are added to the page, rather than only 1. There will only be 1 photo for each user displayed here - this is nice since sometimes photos were getting hidden in all of the submissions.
  • 4 of the latest feature videos instead of 1.
  • 3 of the latest Swellinfo news stories instead of 1.

We hope you enjoy the new Swellinfo features, and please know there are many other ideas already in the works to continue to evolve Swellinfo. Please don't hold back, let us know what you think.