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New Swellinfo Widgets for your web page

Posted: Saturday May 3, 2008     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Add Swellinfo surf forecasts, weather info, and wave maps to your web site, blog, myspace, or igoogle.

Swellinfo has upgraded their widgets (previously termed magnets). The new widgets, allow easy integration of the 24 hour surf forecast, current weather/buoy/tides, and Swellinfo wave maps into any web page, blog, myspace, or igoogle page. Go to the widget page, to customize your widget and get the code to put on your page.

Widget Forecast/Weather combo example.

Go to for local surf forecasts.
The new widgets use flash files, which corrected some of the problems encountered with the previous magnets. The new widgets are more stylish, and offer more options for choosing colors that will best match your web page.

An exciting new addition to the Swellinfo widgets is the Swellinfo wave maps. Anyone can now add the Swellinfo wave maps to their web page. The Swellinfo wave maps, are the ultimate resource for getting a glimpse of the upcoming 180 hour forecast. Swellinfo has also added a great new feature to the Wave Maps, which allow you to view the 24 hour forecast for all Swellinfo forecast locations by clicking on the small red circles along the coastlines.

To add the Swellinfo wave maps to your page, go to the bottom of any wave map. Click on the embed tab, and copy and paste this code into your page.

Go the Swellinfo widget page.