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New Wave Map functionality

Posted: Wednesday May 21, 2008     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Navigation functionality and 24 hour surf forecasts now on the wave maps.

What are those red circles doing on the Swellinfo wave maps you may ask? Well go ahead and click one - we invite you to try out the new wave map functionality.

This new functionality allow you to get the 24 hour surf forecast for any Swellinfo forecast location without leaving your page by simply clicking on the red icon. When the white box pops up with the forecast you can click on the box to go to the forecast page. Go ahead and give it a try on the live wave map below

Think that's cool? Well, you can even place these wave maps on your web page. Just navigate to the wave map region you want to start with and simply click the embed tab on the bottom left of the wave map for the copy and paste code!