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Body Glove best wetsuit of the day

Posted: Wednesday Jan 25, 2012     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

New wetsuit recommendation and temperature guide.

We are excited to announce the new Body Glove Best Wetsuit of the day feature on the surf forecast pages!

How many times have you asked yourself, what wetsuit gear do I need today? Well, we know the Swell Info users have asked us a lot, and now we've got you covered!

On the top of every surf forecast page, next to the current water temperature, you will find the Best Wetsuit recommendations for each day. This ranges from a rash guard in 80 degree waters, a spring suit at 70, to the max hooded 5/4/3 plus boots and gloves when it is 40 for those fortunate cold water locales.

You will also see a "Wetsuit Guide" link that will display a window with an interactive tool that will allow you to see a complete gear guide list for today's ocean temperature. You can drag the temperature gauge to see the Body Glove recommended suits for each different temperature. It is pretty fun tool to play around with, give it a try!