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NYBB Pro Forecast Summary / Tropical Update

Posted: Friday Sep 7, 2007     By: Swellinfo     Categories: Pro Events | Forecast

Low pressure developing, but will it be in time for event?

Event:    NYBB PRO - USBA 2007 Event #3

When:    September 5 - 9

Where:   Long Beach, New York

Forecast Summary Update:    Effective: Friday September 7, 2007 10:30am

The low pressure that we have been monitoring all week is finally showing signs of becoming better organized this morning. At this point, its a tough call to see if the storm develops enough to send surf to the New York region by Sunday. Regardless, it looks like Sunday will be the day for the event. If the storm does develop quickly over the next 24-48 hours, we could see an increase in SE energy pick up during the day on Sunday.

There's also lots of festivities surrounding the weekend, so go and hang out with the world's top riders and the rest of the east coast crew.

On a side note, all riders need to prepared to be on call every day to compete, so check in with for the official times for competition.

Go to the Long Beach, NY surf forecast page to view the Swellinfo wave maps, swell model output, wind conditions, and more.

Check the Atlantic Beach, New York Surf Report page for the daily surf report

Micah Sklut

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