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Buying a Surfboard - Surfboard Selection Guide

Posted: Thursday Apr 9, 2009     By: Steven Oboyle     Category: Surfing How To

Steve O breaks down how to go about purchasing your next or first Surfboard.


The first thing that you should have noticed in my first sentence of this article is that I said "purchasing a surfboard" and the lack of the word NEW! When I was 18, I bought a brand new shiny car. Ten years later, I bought a used shiny car. This is an analogy that brings about a couple of important points for buying used boards:

- You can purchase 2 or 3 used boards for the price of one new one.

- If one board breaks, you have a back up.

- If you are like myself and you buy 3 boards per/year, the used rack can produce you 6-8 boards per year (Thus, making you a larger quiver quickly and figuring what works best for you faster).

- When you travel, you KNOW boards can get lost, broken and stolen. Travel with a used board and rest assure you will not care quite as much about loosing, breaking or just leaving it behind at the trips end!

I bought the board in the above picture for 3 reasons. 1. It's carbon and it can handle a good beating. 2. The dimension are specific to what I know works for me. 3. It was an in stock board and I was able to get an awesome deal because the surf shop owner explained to me that it's been in the store for a long time. It's a Rusty-Kerr (Aviso) 6'1" x 18.4" width x 2.15" thick. A nacho for good-hollow surf!

With all of this said, the more boards you surf the more dimensions you will collect. The more dimensions you collect, the closer you will get to understanding what boards work for you.

Q:How long has it took Kelly Slater and Al Merrick to create the Deep Six Model?
A: How old is Kelly and how long has Al been shaping? There is your answer.