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Quiksilver Pro NY goes huge

Posted: Saturday Sep 10, 2011     By: Swellinfo     Category: Pro Events

Final Day perspectives from Long Beach

There was a lot of debate about the Quiksilver Pro in New York. Can New York really provide world tour quality waves? The desire to bring professional surfing to the masses seems understandable, but is Long Beach really a venue that should represent the dream tour? Long Beach answered these questions with an emphatic YES this past week!

So, how good were the waves? It was 6-8 foot, light offshore winds, long rippable lefts, and shorter hollow, bustable rights. It was about as good as it gets in Long Beach and definitely an amazing high performance competition!

Here are some not so professional photos taken amongst the many thousands of completely stoked new york fans on the final day.

So how blessed was the Quiksilver Pro with waves?

The organizers did do their home work and chose the most probable time of year for a solid swell to occur. But, to score as they did with all of the elements coming together requires a bit of fortune anywhere on the East Coast, and the stars seemed to align big time. It was about as probable as Kelly Slater's last minute huge air reverse to beat Taj Burrow in the semi finals. Completely possible, dramatic, and amazing to watch - the Quiksilver Pro New York stuck it big time!