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Improved Wind/Swell tables and Tide Graphs

Posted: Monday Feb 25, 2013     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Redesigned swellinfo data improves useability

The data elements that are displayed under the Surf Timeline graph have all been updated and improved for greater readability and useability. This includes the swell table, wind table, weather forecast, and tide chart.

Much of this data does exist in other areas of the surf forecast pages, however, it can be very helpful to have the swell, wind, tide, and weather data to be laid out in progression through the forecast period, and especially when viewing the Surf Timeline graph above in parallel. For the swell and wind tables, you can click on the day of the week links to view the data in hourly intervals.

In addition to redesigning all of these elements, we have also added a text tide chart below the tide graph.