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Top 3 Spring Break, Party and Surf Destinations

Posted: Saturday Mar 7, 2009     By: Kalen Foley     Categories: Kalen Foley | Surf Travel

Kalen Foley breaks down his top 3 Spring Break Destinations that you are going to want your board.

Lets face it, if you are a surfer, more then likely the only flight you are boarding better be heading to a location that offers warm water and hollow barrels. But, if you are in college then you know your 7-10 day spring break is fast approaching and you might have more on your mind then just that set out the back. Its spring break baby, time to get out of this damn cold, damp, sunlight starved whole in the world and off to grab some cold cervezas, relax, and pitch game to what seems to be an endless amount of tanned string bikini babes. BUT, hold it right there, before you pitch a tent in the land down under get yourself together and focus on the fact that these three destinations I am about to drop upon you will make sure that along with the dirty fantasies you have in mind for spring break, that you also consider to bring your board and make this trip a 2 for 1 deal!

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Numero uno on my list, San Juan, Puerto Rico. You want to talk about night-life. The capital of Puerto Rico offers more night clubs then any where else in the Caribbean. So no matter what kind of grove you are in the mood for, you'll find it here. You can fly cheap from the US to San Juan International Airport and be in business - and this is one spot that you can't afford to not bring your board. March/April sets up for some of the most consistent surf of the year for this tropical paradise and if you opt to rent a car, highly recommended, then when the trade winds are chopping the northern part of the island where San Juan is located then just head west for an hour or so and you will find yourself with miles of endless reef and sand bottom surf breaks in the Aguadilla area, along with better winds. And yes buddy, don't think I forgot about those pick up lines you were practicing in your head on the plane ride down to the Island of Enchantment. The girls will be there, trust me on this one. Just make sure you don't pop your collar - completely out of line and it will get you know where with the bronzed babes of the island.

Trash Picker Tip If you're bringing your board, do not forget your old spice.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Number two on my list, Cabo San Lucas. This southern baja location has been on the list of top spring break locations year after year after year. And rightfully so, because we know that you want to be where a good portion of those insanely beautiful southern California college girls want to strip down and let loose. While the parties at this local tend to be around the clock (who needs sleep on Spring Break), this is also a destination you might want to consider bringing your board. If you are bringing a bodyboard, I would recommend one with some flex because the shorebreak at Lover's beach will not be forgiving if you can not make the scoop on the drop down. So when you are stumbling back to your room from a night of fantasies come true, grab your trunks and board out of the shower and go flag down a boat to take you over to Lover's Beach, it will love you like no other girl you met on your trip will. Now you might not want to bring your 6'6 Custom Al Merrick to Lover's unless you really do want that 2 for 1 deal. For the stand up kind, I would recommend locating a right point break located about a half hour east of Cabo called Costa Azul. It should not be to hard to find considering there is Costa Azul surf shop almost directly across from the break.

Trash Picker Tip Do not let drinking, babes, and possibly pumping surf keep you from the other activities available in Cabo. I recommend checking out Cabo Karting Center and snorkeling - some of the most beautiful waters along Mexico.

Cancun, Mexico
Number three and surely not one to be forgotten with any mention of spring break - Cancun, Mexico. Now you might think that Cancun is not somewhere to bring your board, but you may be sorry you didn't once you arrive. Trade winds in the Caribbean sea can bring some, nice moderate size aqua colored waves to the Cancun area. But, I will state that out of the three locations this might be a last minute call as far as swell dependency. You want to keep your eye on the wave maps and you can always make a request to see what their take is on the upcoming weeks in Cancun. Cancun has been one of, if not the king of spring break, especially since MTV blew the spot up in the 90's with Carson Daily and Britney Spears guest performances. But behind their glory, Cancun offers some of the most beautiful "pause" beaches in the world, and oh yeah, you will find all the girls you could ever ask for in this infamous Mexican paradise. Attracting thousands of college students year after year with its reasonably priced airfare, hotel, and soda. Oh don't forget the strict drinking age, oh yea, what drinking age?

Trash Picker Tip #1 If she looks like a dude, sounds like a dude, then odds are she's a dude.
Trash Picker Tip #2 - If a local comes up to you and asks you to come see a donkey show, well I'll let you use your own judgment on this one, enjoy.

A couple other spring break locales worth mentioning in the US are Daytona Beach Florida, and South Padre Island, Texas. While, the waves aren't as consistent on average, there will certainly be enough entertainment to keep you occupied if the surf is flat.

I hope these honorable mentions will shed some light on either your current or future spring break plans and allow you to truly make your spring break one for the ages.

This is Kalen Foley, signing out until next week.