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Emily Fizzles Out

Posted: Thursday Aug 4, 2011     By: Swellinfo     Category: Forecast

Hopes of breaking the East Coast flat spell dissipated.

Emily could never quite get it all together, and this evening, to the dismay of many east coast surfers, she dissipated over the Dominican Republic.

The Tropical Storm was fairly poorly organized from the beginning and forecast models were consistently in a large disagreement to the track and development of this storm. This made for much uncertainty in the long range surf forecasts. It is clear now, in hind sight, that the rough terrain in the Dominican Republic was no match for the struggling Emily.

Tropical Storm Emily did provide for some excitement for East Coast Surfers starving for waves, but thus far it has all been a big tease. There still remains some potential for the storm to re-organize over the warm Atlantic waters over the next couple of days.

The 2011 Tropical Season is far from over, as we are just starting to enter the most active part of the Atlantic Tropical Season, which generally peaks in the middle of September.