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Wave Maps upgrade

Posted: Thursday Jul 29, 2010     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Small modifications to the Swellinfo graphs

We have upgraded the Swellinfo wave height and wave period maps. This is not a very big change, but we tweaked a couple things to allow for a a cleaner, smoother looking chart. Of most significance to the user, is that the color scale has changed slightly. Please take a look at the wave map below, and click on the scale button (bottom) to notice the changes.

The new color scheme is propagated to the wave maps, period maps, and wind maps. The new color scheme should allow your eye balls to see the change in wave heights more easily.

The Swellinfo wave maps are really an outstanding resource to understand the upcoming wave heights and conditions. The wave maps include significant wave height contours, primary mean wave period, and wind data.

To get an overview on how to understand and utilize the Swellinfo wave maps, have a look at an old Tutorial we put together.