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Body Surfer Dies at Wedge

Posted: Saturday Jul 25, 2009     By: Swellinfo     Category: Other

Large South swell takes life in Newport, CA.

The strongest south swell of the summer season arrived on Friday along the Southern California coastline. This provided much stoke for many SoCal surfers, but unfortunately very sad news for one body surfer at Newport Beach's Wedge.

The body surfer, who's name has not been released was recovered from the waters after being bashed into the rocks. According to the Los Angeles Times, the man was taken to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, where he died.

The wedge is a mecca for body surfers, as the short but powerful wave allows these surfers to swim into giant barrels. The south swell on Friday was reaching 6 to 10 feet for most of Orange County California, however the wedge often magnifies wave face heights as the swell reflects off the large jetty. Reports were of 10 to 20 foot wave faces at the Wedge on Friday.

Below is an image of the crowd that gathered at wedge to watch the amazing waves. Unfortunately, the party scene was disrupted by the terrible tragedy.