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Wind Forecast Upgrade

Posted: Friday Apr 26, 2013     By: Swellinfo     Category: Swellinfo

Just released improved wind forecasts for US and Western Caribbean

Swellinfo has upgraded the 0-3 day wind forecasts for the United States (including Hawaii) and Western Caribbean Islands eastward through Puerto Rico.

These improvements should be most noticeable for improved accuracy with land and sea breezes. You can view the upgraded data spatially in the NAM wind maps under the wind tab on the surf forecast pages.

Land and Sea breeze forecasts are one of the hardest elements to predict, since they work on a micro scale, which can be hard for weather models to pick simulate. This recent upgrade should do a better job at this task.

Other enhancements, under the hood, to the wind forecasts have additionally been made, and we are excited to roll this out live.