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Corolla, NC Surf Report

United States » Virginia Beach / OBX

  45° 53° SE Wind
@ 10 kts
Buoy 44056
2.3ft @ 6sec
Low: 06:37 AM
High: 12:34 PM
Report Date: Saturday Apr 21, 2018 @ 8:00 AM
Wave Height: 1-2 ft  
Conditions: Choppy  
Stoke Factor: Nothing special

The wind continues to blow on-shore. Wave height is only knee cap high with choppy surface conditions. But the steady on-shore wind has pushed warmer waters closer to the shore: 52 degrees Fahrenheit: NOTE: WE OFFER FREE DELIVERY ON BIKES, SURFBOARDS, STAND-UP PADDLES AND SKIM BOARDS. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP

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