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Check out our BFF model surfboard - this thing is your go to shape for waves waist high to slightly overhead. Deep single all the way through out the tail, nice wide squash. This board is super user friendly, loose and stable.

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  83° 70° WSW Wind
@ 7 kts
Buoy 46222
2.3ft @ 17sec
Low: 01:16 AM
High: 07:22 AM
Report Date: Friday Nov 16, 2012 @ 6:00 AM
Wave Height: 0-1 ft  
Conditions: Clean  
Stoke Factor: Not Today

sorry I have been gone for a while - the waves have been pitiful here in HB and generally all over Orange county. There has just been nothing happening. After a strong start to fall it has just died here in Movember - today is no exception. maybe kneed high breaking very close to the sand. Overall just so super duper small and gutless. Maybe a long board wave out there but that is it. Nothing on the horizon until turkey day'ish.

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