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  71° 67° SSW Wind
@ 6 kts
Buoy 46221
4.9ft @ 15sec
Low: 01:19 AM
High: 07:34 AM
Report Date: Monday May 25, 2009 @ 9:00 AM
Wave Height: 2-3 ft  
Conditions: Clean  
Stoke Factor: Stoked!

Surf, Dive & Weather Report: Aloha! Cloudy skies this morning with about 5-10 miles of visibility. Air temps about 46 degrees with West winds out at 5 MPH and slightly increasing throughout the day. Water temperatures at 61 degrees. Diving conditions are fair with about a 5-10 ft underwater visibility. The ocean surface is clean. The SW ground swell slowly fades along the coastline, with a small mix of NW wind swell. Most spots are seeing ankle to waist high waves (1-3 ft). Some outstanding spots are seeing an occasional bigger set, and looks like is going to remain small throughout the week. Specific Surf Locations: Bass Rock: 1-3 ft (fair) - County Line: 1-3 ft (fair) - Staircase: 1-3 ft (fair) - Zeros: 1-3 ft (fair) - Leo Carrillo State Beach: 1-3 ft (fair @ high tide) - Zuma Beach: 1-3 ft (fair) - Westwards 1-3 ft (fair) - Pt. Dume (flat) - Malibu Surf Rider: 1-3 ft (fair @ high tide) --> BUY-SELL-TRADE SURFING GEAR- CHECK US OUT @ SMALLKINEOCEAN.COM

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