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We have a small swell for a week so this is a good time to get more fit for next big swells. My sites daily posts cover strength, stamina, flexibility, and mobility. \r\nWhen the surf is slow, I add some aerobics to my normal strength and yoga. Good time to go on some runs and build the stamina for recovery needed in lots of paddling.

  68° 68° N/A Wind
@ kts
Buoy 46224
2.6ft @ 15sec
Low: 06:47 AM
High: 01:25 PM
Report Date: Thursday Oct 20, 2011 @ 10:00 AM
Wave Height: 2-3 ft  
Conditions: Choppy  
Stoke Factor: Fun - paddle out

S of Pier, N of Pier, Getty and Harbor all had a little something. I walk by all four as I head for Harbor in the mornings. Harbor tends to have most action.

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