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Welcome back to our surfers end report. We will be reporting and serving up some some great food at the beach all summer long!

Kalbi Ribs special this week and next! Stop in the shop on Aquidneck.

Daily report is back!

Surferw end concessions set to start on wed this week for the rest of th e summer! Mon thru Sat

Gone for the weekend. Will continue reporting Monday 6/10. Flat Waves Concessions @surfers end will begin for the summer next week full time!

  71° 63° WSW Wind
@ 5 kts
Buoy 44097
2.3ft @ 8sec
Low: 08:17 AM
High: 02:18 AM
Report Date: Monday May 26, 2014 @ 7:00 AM
Wave Height: 0-1 ft  
Conditions: Clean  
Stoke Factor: Not Today

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