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Southampton, NY Surf Report

United States » New York

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Global Boarding: Celebrating our 10yr Anniversary!

Sion Milosky

Check out this link for Maverick's:

Kick back Alaskan style with SUP's.

A sad time for the surfing community. Andy Irons passed away yesterday, a huge loss for surfing.

  26° 41° N Wind
@ 0 kts
Buoy 44017
1.3ft @ 4sec
Low: 08:13 AM
High: 01:35 AM
Report Date: Friday Apr 13, 2012 @ 2:30 PM
Wave Height: 0-1 ft  
Conditions: Clean  
Stoke Factor: Not Today

0-1ft. WNW winds 8 - 13kts shifting WSW and increasing to 15kts. Flat conditions, nothing happening today. Maybe something on Sunday.

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