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The Swellinfo Surf Report Network was created to allow you, the user, to contribute surf reports for your local beaches.

Businesses can receive FREE advertising exposure by running their own Swellinfo surf report page. Customizing the surf report page allows great promotion for the business or products.

You don't need a host a surf report page to submit a report. Any registered user may submit a surf report, its simple!

View the latest surf report submissions to the right, and go to specific surf report or live surf camera pages by using the links listed above.

In addition, whenever a new surf report is added in your local area, it will also be listed in the surf report box on your local surf forecast pages.


West Florida Surf Reports

Reporter Location Wave Height Conditions Posted
Virginia Beach / OBX, Corolla2-4 ft7:02pm
Virginia Beach / OBX, Cape Hatteras4-6+ ft1:06pm
Virginia Beach / OBX, Corolla4-6 ft1/17
Virginia Beach / OBX, Cape Hatteras4-6+ ft1/17
Virginia Beach / OBX, Corolla4-5 ft1/16
Virginia Beach / OBX, Cape Hatteras4-6+ ftClean Semi Clean1/16
Virginia Beach / OBX, Corolla4-6 ft1/15
Virginia Beach / OBX, Cape Hatteras4-5 ftClean Semi Choppy1/15

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