Clash of the Coasts Episode 1: Party Wave | Original Surf Series


Clash of the Coasts is an original Surf Channel series produced by NubTV and TriOdyssey. We pin two coasts head-to-head in a series of hilarious epic surf challenges. In this episode, we meet the boys on the east and west coast of the United States. The teams head down to their local break in search of a TEAM PARTY WAVE. Yew! Follow the series to see who wins this season on 'Clash of the Coasts'.

Local Area:

SoCal (view more SoCal surf videos)

Sam Smay rad!
Oct 10,2016
David Quittman Thanks Sam!
Oct 10,2016
JohnnyCornstarch YOUR DAD PAID YOU TO SURF WTF? lol
Oct 10,2016
kelly slayer hahaha
Oct 10,2016
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