Don't go unless you can really shred that SH!*!


Hurricane Joaquin has brought plenty of rain to Folly Beach and some epic swell. Heed the warning of being able to shred and watch some surfers "shred the gnar" at the Folly Pier.... Shred on Chodes

Local Area:

South Carolina (view more South Carolina surf videos)

LickMyFootDirtbag This idiot's videos are the worst thing on the internet. It's painful to watch how unfunny he is and how bad the surfing footage is. How self absorbed are you? Really, just be quiet, keep to yourself, stop littering Swellinfo with your cra##y videos. For real man.
Oct 10,2015
Chodes Mahoney Lick my foot dirtbag tells me how loving you are and that your comments are unimportant.
Oct 10,2015
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