JOAQ'EASTER (Wah-Kee-Ster)

"Joaq'easter" (/Wah-Kee-Ster/) - when a Nor'Easter and Hurricane Joaquin provide you with relentless rain, onshore winds, and no forecasted days of good surf in sight, yet surprisingly at the end of it all, the forecasts are wrong and the waves get really fun. Prior to the 3 days of fun surf in this video, the entire East Coast was scoring except the Outer Banks. I was anxious because of that, and spent the days prior, driving overnight searching for a rare wave that didn't break, and paddling out in awful conditions, and lots of current trying to make something happen that wasn't. I exhausted myself before these 3 days even started. In hindsight I blew it because I was tired before the best part of the swell, but no one knew it was going to get any fun. In these 3 days I surfed four 5hr long sessions, and a 2.5hrs session... The latter part of every session was spent in delirium, and even though I couldn't surf anymore, I stayed out just hoping to get one more fun wave. I didn't want to miss a moment of what we had, since it'd been forever since we had had anything as fun. I went so far as to push myself, paddling as hard as I possibly could against the current before dark the first evening, to the point where I almost threw up from hunger/lack of strength, all because I wanted to get one more barrel before dark. I'm so thankful the OBX got some relief from the miserable weather and conditions... This is the Cape Hatteras surf I grew up loving, and I hope to see more of this more often in the future.
Oct 19,2015 Virginia Beach / OBX
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hey man, nice video

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Oct 20,2015

Solid upload! Thanks for sharing.

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Oct 22,2015


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