Rip Curl H-Bomb Wetsuit Review from SurfDonkey (Ep11)

Description Yes! We scored a Rip Curl H Bomb wetsuit to demo. For those that donít know, this is Rip Curlís battery operated wetsuit that features heat coils integrated into the back panel of the suit. The current water temp is 1C (33F) so we still have good testing waters. Itís the first one in Canada (that we know of) and probably one of the first third party reviews around. Have a look to see how it performs and the donkey notes. And needless to say, Lance has mostly recovered from surgery. Mostly. I think I smell a cortisone shot. Now, it has been awhile since the last episode but we had a mini PR campaign to promote the show and attract some sponsors. If you know a potential advertiser or want to get your product on the donkey wagon drop us an email at prod[at] Look for more regular production again. Donít forget to leave a comment at Thanks for watching. Get yer donk on! The Donks

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