10 years ago, an Australian surf magazine editor handed me one of my first photography assignments and said "capture Soli". We had only a few hours together, shooting portraits and action on a small day in Hawaii, but I was immediately struck by the incredible demeanor of the teenager. Polite, quiet, but so fiercely determined to make his mark, Soli was rising through the junior ranks and dreaming of make the World Tour. As time went on, we crossed paths countless times in random, far-flung places... but this last year i was bestowed both the pleasure of travel with him to Indonesia to score perfect waves, and to watch his inaugural year competing on the tour. The highs of his performances in incredible surf, and lows of watching him struggle with the complexities - and literal luck - that comes with being a professional surfer, was nothing short of amazing, and as I release this short film, I cannot express how proud I am of this human's fruition into a young adult who surfs with incredible talent and carries the flag for Indiginious Australians with dignity. direct/film/edit: Morgan Maassen additional filming: Blake Myers & Shane Fletcher Supported by O'Neill Music by: Trees Speak "Shadow Circuit" The Hers "White Oil" The Daze "OJ"
Aug 12 North Coast NSW
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