Staimps the movie


This isn't your average RED cinema surf flick, This is a film that brought people together, this is a film that you may not know every surfer , or know the sticker they're rocking there nose, this is the underground. All original music, and a collaboration of surfers from surfers from across the nation in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian ocean and carribean sea. The time has finally come to sell out to the inter web , thanks to everyone who joined the movement and enjoy this no- bullshit 17 minute surf flick surfers: Dane Reynolds, Brandon Mitchell, Mason Barnes, Grady Kenner, Gabe morvil, Skip Mccoullough, Kirk Weissinger, Yehuda Benhamo, Chad Sambell, Korak Tinoco, Brady Mckenzie, Tyler Faulkner, Evan Barton, Miller Diggs, Will Blum and Silas Clemmons Footage: Chase Younts, Brandon Mitchell, Jeffrey Oneill, Stephen Rawding,Christian Lyles, Bruce Skywalker, Peter King, Jeff Morvil Music: Brandon Mitchell, Michael Mitchell, Gavin Thatcher, Lupin Nye, Trill Nye , and Nick

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