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How to survive a Sub Zero Winter in New Jersey with Ben Graeff & Rob Kelly. This has been the coldest winter we've ever seen, the water temps have reached 29° F & the ocean has even frozen over. The air has been below 0° F many times, but that can't stop Jersey surfers from shredding their favorite spots. Also Featuring Travis Beckmann & Andrew Gesler. Filmed by Jess Schmidt Turner Graeff Brian Coulter Jay Rutkowski Jim Gray Robbie Beach Music Frank Chase & D Sharp - Join the Party! Like us! Daily Pics! Daily Updates!

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9 still cold from some of those sessions
Feb 2,2015
kelly slayer beautiful shots
Feb 2,2015
Jamie Kelley Yeeeew!!! Ive had alot of cold sessions up here lately in MA. -22 the other day when I paddled out. excellent video, I surf Monmouth/ Belmar a couple times a month just to get shacked
Feb 2,2015
LickMyFootDirtbag Solid video, but WAY too much fluff/filler. Ditch about 3/5 of the playing in ice footage. Anything more than 30 seconds of it and it becomes annoying. I'd rather watch b-roll surfing footage, like wipeouts. Nice atypical sound track!
Feb 2,2015
Micah Sklut Is the ice footage from the bay or ocean?
Feb 2,2015
Ben Graeff It's from the ocean in Cape May, it was completely frozen over, a sight never seen before in my lifetime...
Feb 2,2015
pmoos Very nice! Stoke is hard to capture under all that rubber, but you defin1tely got it!
Feb 2,2015
Ben Graeff thanks!!
Feb 2,2015
Aquaturd Man How to survive a sub zero winter in NJ? The ocean has frozen over? Which part of that footage was the air below zero?

*No hood, sub zero winter? GTFOH! 3 duck dives in 30 degree water WITH a hood lately, is pretty unpleasant. That's BS wannabe tough guy showmanship or not footage from our current level of cold.

*Playing in the bay ice with your surfboard? How much of that fake out footage do you need? You're not fooling anyone, especially NJ surfers who know there is NEVER ice like that in or near the line up. WTF!?

The vid is misleading, and dorky to say the least.

"Look at how core I am in 4 ft surf" - FAIL

Video of the week? - FAIL
Mar 3,2015
Scott Cooper You are sensationalizing the extreme... surf zone was not frozen...I think it was 79 the ocean froze in the surf zone in the mid-Atlantic...tho the actual surf footage is good.
Mar 3,2015
Scott Cooper Just watched gloves too...seriously inaccurate about description.
Mar 3,2015
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