The Ding Shop Surfboard Repair DVD


"Knowing what to do when you get a ding eases your mind and gets you back in the water fast." Charles Kirkley AKA Dr. Ding has repaired thousands of surfboards at the Ding Shop since 1982. After years of being asked where to start, what to do, and how to do it? This DVD shows you. Go on a quick factory tour to view the board building process, see the 10 Step ding repair process used for all dings, and watch as Dr. Ding explains and shows how to repair dings anyone can fix. Then move to the Ding Shop to repair boards with more severe damage. Learn valuable techniques for cutting and manipulating cloth, pouring resin, glassing, and sanding. Be prepared for the inevitable and learn how to fix your board, by watching the first of it's kind, "The Ding Shop Surfboard repair DVD". OUT NOW ORDER A COPY TODAY AT FREE SHIPPING!

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