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Brotherhood. There’s nothing like it. Brothers terrorize each other. Love each other. And drive each other to new heights – whether that’s off a cliff or to mountaintops, there’s always a multiplier effect when it comes to sibling relationships. In the case of Nick and Mike LaVecchia, the spark was a positive one. They’re two singular talents who have found that unique territory where they inspire one another. And they’ve built an impressive following while tucked away in a gem too often overlooked by the world of surfing in coastal Maine. Nick is an exceptionally talented and accomplished lensman. In fact, he’s taken some of my favorite photos to ever appear on The Inertia. This one below always strikes a chord with me every time I look at it. It’s chilling, yet somehow encouraging at the same time. “The colder, more raw places seem to have the most effect on me,” says LaVecchia. “New England is home. Everything about it keeps me here.” Nick confesses that the majority of his published work has taken place in about a 50-yard radius. Mike is the brains behind an outstanding operation called Grain Surfboards. They got started in 2005 and build top tier wooden surfboards by hand using woodworking techniques and local, sustainable softwoods with Maine as its redgold backdrop. They’re living that uncompromising artists’ dream: Build products you love. Capture beauty. And do it on your own terms. “You have to decide what you love and why you love it,” says Mike LaVecchia. “I’ve always been a believer in that if you want something, you need to start doing it. One thing leads to the next.” Shot and Edited by Gabe Reuben
Jan 7,2017 Northern New England
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[secret blue water mini point]
[secret blue water mini point]
Surfing Northern Maine
Surfing Northern Maine
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SOUTH SWELL in NJ and getting my white coat


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