the_cvrrent // september '17 // part 1


There were a lot of waves to be had this September. That is why we split this recap into two parts. Here is part 1. Music: "Your Beauty Measures More" by Ice Dragon "Mary Wants a Sunset" by Ice Dragon Surfers: Andrew Nota, Matt Nota, Jon Baylor, Allen Santucci, Claire Hodson, TJ Thran, Justin Bouchard, Cheyne Cousens, Kevin Tanner, Jesse Larkin, Ryan Lovelace, Phil Browne Film: TJ Thran, Andrew Nota, Matt Nota, Callie-Rae Cashin, Gus Potter Water Cinematography: Gus Potter Edit: TJ Thran, Matt Nota

Local Area:

Southern New England (view more Southern New England surf videos)

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