Time Well Spent | Chapter 1 | Kross Trailer Hawaii

Time Well Spent documents James Fazio, a professional surfer and filmmaker, and four young men on a surf adventure of a lifetime in Panama. These groms come from four different countries carrying stories of pain and hardships. The documentary will lead us to the boys’ front doors in Hawaii, Peru, Indonesia and Australia to share their backstory. As their story unfolds we learn that each have found healing and restoration through surfing. James, along with other pro-athletes, are inviting the boys to join them on an epic surf trip to one of the most diverse surfing destinations, Bocas Del Toro, Panamá. Not only will they be surfing some of the best waves Panama has to offer, but they will be building houses, working with local doctors to give medical aid and setting up water filtration systems for local poor communities in Panama. The message we want to give is this: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you have worth and can give hope to others. This has changed James Fazio’s outlook on life, it will change these young men’s lives and hopefully yours as well.
Jul 30,2015 Hawaii
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