Tofino Is A Place

The women's surf community in Tofino is as unique as British Columbia is remote. The annual, all women's surf contest Queen of the Peak is a testament of the grit and determination of those who live there. This is its 10th year running! Written interview with Ryan can be read here: Stills photographed from the contest can be seen in the GQ article here: directed by: produced by: Ryan Struck & James Clower executive produced by: Ryan Struck cinematography: James Clower & Ryan Struck additional cinematography: Timmy Dwyer & Kris Rey-Talley aerial cinematography: Timmy Dwyer, Kris Rey-Talley, Ryan Struck underwater cinematography: Ryan Struck edited by: Cecilia Delgado, Alex Camilleri, Kris Rey-Talley, Ryan Struck animated by: Jon Portman narrated by: Krissy Montgomery & Jessica Hutchinson sound design & mixing: Greg Tobler music: Ryan James Carr color producer: Claudia Guevara colorist: Mike Howell color assistant: Alex Jimenez cameras used: Arri Alexa Mini, Ultra Primes, Sony a7r II, Canon 5d mk3, and DJI Mavic Pro.
Oct 8 British Columbia
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