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Dec 13, 2017
    1. mexsurfer
      hey u gotta empty your pm's. it wont let me send any it says ur too full
    2. SouthjettyBill
      IHL, you will no longer use as me as your only option to gaining attention. You'll have to find new ways.

      Leaving fake phone numbers and pictures of your fingers and a note means absolutely nothing. Really, what was that supposed to do?

      Sorry dude, I guess you'll have to go back lurching around looking for someone to care about what you post.

      The Long Branch Police Department's phone number......my how crafty you are. Wow dude you almost got me in trouble.

      I love you and I know you love me too.
    3. SouthjettyBill
      Oh hey, your profile page is public fodder so I wasn't trying to hide anything. Post away. Post them all. I wasn't trying to "bro-down" with you. I don't "bro-down."

      I think you might be the Cherry Hill dude. When is the last time you were in the water. You can ask for photos of me all you want, but why should anyone believe that you're some shredder? Your not validated just because you bother me. Yeah nice attempt at shifting the focus. I'll show you in person.....and I'm not trying to hang out with you. You're a little ***** who hides behind a computer. Hey moron I could post a picture of ANYONE....how would you know the difference. You want to keep this **** up, keep going.

      I know you're a kook. Hey post all these away on the threads. It doesn't make me look bad. Oh better yet, go cry to the moderator.
    4. SouthjettyBill
      Hey man I never said I was a convicted felon....I only got convicted of traffic violations which would be misdemeanors in other states.....maybe the third one would have been a felony in some places but not in New Jersey. YAY NEW JERSEY. I found Jesus in the Atlantic County Justice Facility though. HE was hiding behind the black dudes praying to Allah. So I'm a model citizen these days. Yeah had to do 96 days for the third traffic violation. But HA, I'm no felon. Hey don't get caught with over 50 grams of happy smoke or you could be a felon yourself....or get caught selling any amount....Ahhh if you have a clean record you can do a pre trial intervention......follow some rules for a year and the charge goes away...So you get one free felony in New Jersey. If you need any other legal advice feel free to contact me.

      Hey Ihatelongboarders you stay cool man. We should hang out dude...HAHAHAHAH
    5. SouthjettyBill
      Hey where's your pics, dude? Hey you want to meet, just let me know. First of all how old are you? I don't need to be hassling some little grom. But, if you want to play that game, I'll meet you. You can see me grovel. You have to come to me though. NJ doesn't let me drive anymore.....I'm a criminal.

      I love you big guy. You guys are funny.
    6. SouthjettyBill
      Dude, you are a disgrace to New Jersey. What the hell is your problem? I can't stand thatt we have such uptight, humorless people in this state. Move to Kansas you tight wad dork.

      Dude, Gruvi has NOTHING on me. If only I could ramble about any topic.....just surfing is stagnant you know. And this negativity from a fellow sponger to boot. Shame on you. Oh, seriously don't do gay spins and el floppos all the time, ok. That stuff gives the hardcore sponges a bad reputation.

      Gruvi.......hahah ok dude......Mcanalbleed surfboard. HA !!! That was awesome. What kind of New Jersey person are you?
    7. johnnytoobad
      dude befriend me allready....and pimp this profile out a lil
    8. Sponger4Ever
      What's up Bro...were the HELL have you been??? Hope you got some hurricane/TS action, as well as a taste of the last noreaster IDA drove our way!
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