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    What Size Fish????

    I am looking to pick up a new fish. I am not sure what size to get. I am currently riding a 6'6 squash tail. I live up in the North East. I was looking at a 5'10 21 2 5/8. I am 5'11 200lbs. I was told that would be a good size but it seems small. Anyone have any insite? Dont want to spend the $$ and regret the size.
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    Im 57 164 pounds and Im riding a 56 x 20 x 2 3/16 CI fish.
    Al Merrick says you should get a fish 6 inches shorter than your every day board! It worked for me

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    Got one for sale down here in FL......5'10 Larry Mayo quad fin, fish tail, used twice! New condition, no dents, dings, or scratches. If interested, I'll try to get down to the consignment shop to snap some pics...

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    Thanks but i have one in mind, just on the fence about the size.

  5. im 6'3 220-225 and i have ridden a 5'10 fish with similiar dimensions i may have been 3 inches thick but u'd be fine if you know how to surf

  6. my friends got one they take a while to get used to also look into an al merrick pod at 5'10 or 6'0 for you or like a lost round nose fish heard there like fishes in terms of catching waves and they're loose like a fish but still have a thruster feel to them after all they are 3-fin thrusters im looking to get one of the 2