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    Exactly waht Scoby said

    If you want to eventually just cruise or whatever go get a long board or fun board to learn on. If you want to evetually be a shortboard surfer and fly down the line laying it on rail doing big hacks, and stuff get a hybrid type stick. Heres a few to get eh idea on google these two boards. Also once you learn to surf you can still use these boards for Grovel days (small wave days but you want to surf) It can stay in your quiver forever. HTese sticks will handle ankle high surf all the way to shoulder high surf. These are perfect if you want to eventually be riding a High performacne shortboard.

    ...lost Plank (this board is sick!) If your 6' then order a 6'-1 or 6'-2 you will be able to use it for years until its completely worn out)

    Album Surfboards Sub.

    Similar to the plank up front its like a longboard, board round nose lots of foam for float for paddling and great stability for a learning surfer with the tail and bottom contours of a high performance shortboard/. Catches waves like a longboard, but surfs like a high performance modern fish or shortboard.

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    Great advice all around. go for volume. I'm 6'3 and 200pds. I ride everything on any given day. My favorite all around board is a WRV 7'7 Fish. Very good for OC/ Assateague surf all year. Its also my Costa board. You can transition from that board to any other size board, long or short pretty easily. I find they all help each other with manuverablility and power. So find something that will catch lots of waves so you can get good quicker and develop your own style.