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    moving to maine from vb

    im moving up to portland maine i have to go to college there for a year and i was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on the closest breaks and how they are up there, ive seen what ive been told to be the best beaches ( higgins beach and scarbourugh state park beach) but i was wondering if those are the best spots to go?

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    VB is ok, Outerbanks is where it's at. A 45-min ride is well worth it for those breaks....

    - Vic

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    surferbuttjay Guest


    If your willing to adventure around and look you'll find that Maine has rivermouth's and point breaks that will blow anything you've seen in VB away! Or any where on the east coast for that matter. But it's up to you to get in the car and go looking!

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    I've gone to NH coast for years - the only two spots that I have experience with are in Hampton NH area. The infamous "Wall" right in town where all of the locals go, and Jenness State Beach up the road from it. The Wall doesn't get beachgoers, due to the fact that the beach is actually a boulder field (Jenness gets them as well as surfers). Both places can be fun when there are good surf conditions. Don't bother going to Hampton Beach during the summer months, no surfing allowed and they hassle bodyboarders (can go in Fall and Winter though). Like any Northeast location, the fall and winter are the best waves. Summer can produce lake-like conditions, but I have always lucked out with some amazingly good swell activity in the summer.

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    south of Kennebunkport in York (exit 3 I think) is moody beach, nice sandbar break. Good local shop 'Wheels and Waves' on rt. 1, comming from the north will be on your left. you can get in touch with the local shaper "Syndicate Surfbords" at wheels and waves.

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    surfnturf321 Guest
    dude you should check out fortune's rock, long sands and short sands...i lived in maine for a while and it def surprises you on waveage...good times

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    Ya ill try to find those breaks on a map and def hit them up ive only surfed scarbrough state park and higgins beach so far since ive been up

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    Higgins is your best option near Portland. Always lots of people but spread out and most are newbs so easy to get waves. When its really big, drive the coast roads and check some of the reef set ups. I won't name any spots but its easy enough to find them if you just look at a map and drive the coast at the most exposed spots.

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    yea ive already started to look into it gonna go check them out on this thursdays swell

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    jetty 5 Guest
    Driving around is best but check Surfline map, for some info. Not giving away any secrets ... but the trip to NH is worth it...Fox Hill, Rye & Hampton* have good points.Ogunquit rivermouth (low tide), Wells jetty(mid tide), gooch's beach, reefs south of York/long sands can hold big swell. Its all good and uncrowded.